This Station Is Non-Operational *Final Print!*

At The Drive In      

This Station Is Non-Operational *Final Print!*

Four years since their "indefinite hiatus", the band members (now split into The Mars Volta and Sparta) have unveiled this collection of greatest hits, videos, BBC sessions, b-sides, re-mixes, EPK, and covers of The Smiths and Pink Floyd tunes. Includes an 18-track audio CD, a companion DVD, and a booklet containing 20 unreleased photos.

  1. Fahrenheit
  2. Picket Fence Cartel
  3. Chanbara
  4. Lopsided
  5. Napoleon Solo
  6. Pickpocket
  7. Metronome Arthritis
  8. 198d
  9. One Armed Scissor
  10. Enfilade
  11. Non Zero Possibility
  12. Incetardis (Relationship Of Command B-side)
  13. Doormans Placebo (In/Casino/Out B-side)
  14. Autorelocator (From ATDI/Sunshine Split)
  15. Rascuache (Vaya Remix)
  16. This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Smiths Cover)
  17. Initiation (Live From The BBC)
  18. Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk (Pink Floyd Cover, Live From TheBBC)

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